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2024 Guide to Potty Training Success: Expert Tips from Amanda Jenner

Posted by Amanda Jenner

Embarking on the potty training journey with your little one is a pivotal phase, filled with its fair share of triumphs and challenges. As we revisit our much-loved tips from over the years, we bring fresh insights and updated tips straight from our potty training expert, Amanda Jenner, to help you navigate this developmental milestone with ease and confidence.

1. The Right Time to Train: Initiate potty training during stable periods. Avoid starting during times of significant change or stress, such as illness, moving homes, or starting new childcare. Your child’s readiness is paramount—tune into their cues rather than societal pressure.

2. The Right Approach: Keep caregivers in the loop. Whether it's nursery staff or family members, ensure everyone involved in your child’s care is informed about the potty training process and the techniques you're employing, such as reward systems. Consistency is crucial to prevent confusion.

3. Year-Round Readiness: Potty training knows no season. When your child shows signs of readiness, embrace the momentum, irrespective of the time of year. Delaying for more convenient seasons might lead to missed opportunities.

4. Preparation is Key: Engage with potty training resources like picture books or educational videos alongside your child. This preparation can ease the transition for both of you, making the process more understandable and less daunting.

5. Simplify the Outfit: Opt for easy-to-remove clothing to streamline changes. While training pants are an option, they can be perplexing for some children. Many find the transition to real underwear more motivating, fostering a sense of grown-up responsibility.

6. The Right Potty Training Set: A comfortable, child-friendly potty or a special toilet trainer seat is essential. Selecting the right tools for the task can significantly influence your child's feelings towards potty training. We have a vast array of toddler-friendly potty training products for you to browse here.

7. Child Participation: Allow your little one to pick their own potty. Offering them a choice can empower them to feel ownership of their potty and promote a smoother transition. Having a consistent potty set-up, including a trainer seat and step stool can also facilitate less resistance and clearer messaging.

8. Accessibility: Ensure your potty is easily accessible for your toddler at home and away. Our My Carry Potty is portable and easy to take with you when potty training out and about. Teaching your child that using the potty is normal, both at home and elsewhere, builds confidence and reduces accidents.

9. Positive Reinforcement: Embrace praise and rewards. A supportive approach, utilising tools like reward charts or a "magical star box," can make potty training an encouraging and successful experience.

10. Patience is Key: Expect accidents and handle them with positivity and composure. Punishment or frustration could hinder potty progress. Approach setbacks with understanding and reassurance.

11. Avoid Comparisons: Every child’s potty training journey is unique. Resist comparing your child’s progress to others. Trust in your child’s timing and the signs of readiness and progress they exhibit.

12. Effective Rewarding: Recognise every effort, not just the successes. Immediate rewards, like stickers on a chart, praise or simple treats, for trying to use the potty can foster enthusiasm and persistence. Even when results aren't immediate, acknowledging the effort is key. A reward chart is a great way to visually reward potty training progress too.

As we embrace potty training in 2024, these expert tips will help you to ensure your potty training journey is easier than ever. With a blend of patience, consistency, and understanding, you can navigate this developmental milestone, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and bonding.

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