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Choosing Safe and Visible Colours for Children's Poolside Swimwear

Posted by Olli Smith

When it comes to ensuring the safety of children around water, every detail counts, especially the colour of their swimwear. While style and comfort are important factors in choosing poolside attire, visibility when by the pool or seaside, is crucial for quick and easy monitoring.

Here’s why selecting the right colours for your child’s swimming attire is vital and what colours are best for enhancing safety by the pool.

The Importance of High-Visibility Swimwear

Swimwear in highly visible colours makes it easier for parents, lifeguards, and instructors to keep track of children in and around water. In the bustling, often crowded environment of a pool, a child wearing a bright, easily discernible colour can be quickly located. This is particularly important in the case of an emergency or when a child is learning to swim.

Recommended Colours for Swimwear

When choosing swimwear for children, opt for tones that stand out against the blue and turquoise tones typical of swimming pool water. Here are some of the best colours for visibility:

1. Neon colours
- Neon Pink and Neon Orange: These are among the most visible colours for swimwear. They are bright and highly distinguishable from the water, making them excellent choices for enhancing safety.

2. Bright Yellows and Greens
- Lime Green and Bright Yellow: Like neon colours, these shades are very effective at standing out in a pool setting. They are easily noticeable even from a distance, which can give parents and guardians peace of mind.

3. Bright Whites
- White: While it can show dirt more easily, white is a good option for visibility. It contrasts sharply with the typical pool blue, making it a safer choice than darker or blue-toned swimwear.

Why Not Blue?

Blue, especially shades that closely resemble the colours of the pool water, is not advisable for swimwear, especially for children. Blue swimwear can blend into the background of the water, making it harder to spot the swimmer quickly. This can delay reaction times in emergencies and make general supervision more challenging.


Tips for Choosing Your Child's Poolside Clothing

- Reflective Materials: Some swimwear comes with reflective strips that catch the light, enhancing visibility not just in the water, but also around the pool area during evening swims.

- Consistency in Clothing: If you frequent a particular pool or beach, observe the most common water and backdrop colours and choose swimwear that contrasts sharply with these settings.

- Multiple Outfits: It’s beneficial to have multiple swimsuits in various bright colours. This not only allows for variation in style but also ensures that the swimwear is always visible in different water conditions and settings.

- Sun Protection: Some swimwear features in-built sun protection, for example SPF fabric or designs that cover more of the skin to reduce sun exposure.

By selecting swimwear in bright, easily visible colours, you significantly enhance the safety of your child at the pool. This simple choice can make a big difference in keeping your child safe as they enjoy their time in the water, allowing you both to feel more relaxed and secure.


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