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Ensuring Your Child is Toilet Confident for School: A Potty Training Guide

Posted by Amanda Jenner

In light of recent news headlines highlighting an increasing number of children starting school without being fully toilet trained, the importance of early and effective potty training has never been more apparent.

Teachers across the UK are raising concerns about the increasing number of accidents in class, indicating a growing need for potty training support at home before children transition to school.

The Challenge:

With one in four children starting school not fully toilet trained, the ripple effects are significant. Beyond the immediate hygiene concerns, there's a noticeable impact on children's learning, self-esteem, and social interactions. This post-lockdown trend underscores the importance of empowering our children with the necessary toilet skills and independence ahead of time.

The Solution:

Proper potty training is more than just a milestone; it's a crucial life skill, vital for a child's school readiness. Here's how you can ensure your child is confident and capable when it comes to using the school toilet:

 1. Start Early:
Begin the potty training process well before the school start date. Look for signs of readiness, such as self-awareness of wet or dirty nappies, interest in the bathroom habits of others, and the ability to follow simple potty instructions.

 2. Promote Independence:
Teach your child to pull their pants up and down and to wash and dry their hands independently. These skills contribute significantly to their confidence in using the toilet away from home.

 3. Familiarise with Different Toilets:
If possible, visit the school beforehand and show your child the toilets they'll be using. If not, familiarise them with other toilets outside of home that are accessible. Discuss how they can ask for help if they need it and reassure them that it's okay to use the bathroom during school hours.

 4. Positive Reinforcement:
Use encouragement and positive reinforcement throughout the training process. Celebrate successes and maintain a positive attitude towards accidents, emphasising that they're a normal part of learning.

 5. Equip with the Right Tools:
Invest in supportive potty training tools like My Carry Potty and our potty training pants, which offer a familiar and comfortable option for children at home and on the go. Our potty is leakproof and super-portable, making it an ideal companion for ensuring consistency in potty training, whether at home, at nursery, or anywhere else.

As we navigate the challenges of parenting, highlighted by recent headlines, it's evident that supporting our children's journey to toilet independence is more crucial than ever. By taking proactive and encouraging steps at home, we can equip our children with the confidence and skills they need to tackle this important milestone successfully.

For more tips on successful potty training and preparing your child for school, visit our blog and explore our range of potty training solutions designed to empower your little one every step of the way.

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