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Why We're the Best Potty for Both Home and Away

Posted by Olli Smith

Embarking on potty training can feel like setting off on a grand adventure without a map. Luckily for you, with over 1 million potties sold and countless awards under our belt, our range of potty training gear will guide you along the way.

Here’s a few reasons why our potty is the ideal companion for your toddler's journey to toilet independence, both at home and on-the-go:

- Leakproof Life: We pride ourselves on being the only leakproof sealed potty on the market. Say goodbye to worries about spills or odours, ensuring a clean and hassle-free experience wherever you are. Simply empty the potty when you’re ready and in a more convenient location - no worries!

- Portability Perfected: With a carry handle, our potty is designed for ease of transportation. Whether it’s your little one taking charge or it's tucked away in the pram, convenience is a priority.

- Child-Centric Design: Comfort, safety, and a splash guard for less mess – our potty is thoughtfully designed with your child in mind. It’s all about making the potty training process as smooth as possible.

- Engaging Aesthetics: Our potties come in a bunch of cute, fun, and friendly designs. A visually appealing potty can make all the difference, encouraging your toddler to embrace potty training with enthusiasm.

- Consistency is Key: Keeping the potty the same whether at home or away is vital. It minimises resistance to change, and gives your child a trusted companion throughout their potty training journey.

- Matching Training Bundles: Our potties pair perfectly with our extended training bundles, which include matching potty training pants, a toilet trainer seat, and a safety step stool. This reinforces a sense of safety, ownership, and empowerment, maintaining consistency across all potty training products.

- Versatile and Convenient: Ideal for not just home use but also when travelling, attending festivals in summer, or just out shopping, our potty is incredibly versatile and convenient, ensuring your child feels comfortable and confident in any setting.

Whenever asked what our top tip for potty training is, we say ‘consistency’. Reducing confusion and resistance is vital for a successful potty training experience; so let our potty be the trusted tool that supports your child from the comfort of home to the wide world beyond.

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