Founded in 2005, My Carry Potty is more than a business; it's a family's heartfelt endeavor to simplify everyday life. We've woven our passion, innovation, and commitment into our company's ethos. Today, our unwavering mission is to enhance the lives of families worldwide with innovative solutions.










Meet the Team

We're proud to have passionate individuals that drive innovation and ensure the best for families worldwide.

The UK's toddler expert & founder of My Carry Potty!
From interior design to potty training. The engine of the business!
Took a no.2 on the street in 1998. My Carry Potty was born!
Yoga guru with a plethora of industry leading experience!
Knows the brand inside & out. Our longest standing team member!
Always smiling and bringing positive vibes to the office!
Where spirituality meets excellent customer service!
A glass of champagne and Italian food is all we need to say!
If he's not running, he's uploading TikTok's!

Meet our expert founder, Amanda Jenner.

It fills my heart with gratitude knowing that you've chosen to embark on this parenting journey with us.

Over 25 years ago, my own potty training challenges led to the creation of My Carry Potty - a journey that has now touched over a million families worldwide. From our My Little Trainer Seat to Training Pants and Educational Resources, we're here to support you at every step.

Thank you for trusting us as your parenting ally. We're excited to share in your family's milestones and offer practical solutions along the way.

Here's to many more moments of laughter, learning, and love together.

Warm regards,

Amanda Jenner

Founder of My Carry Potty & ITV’s Toddler Expert