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What to buy your toddler this Christmas!

Posted by Amanda Jenner

Although the Christmas countdown starts earlier each year (decorated shops in August?) it never hurts to be prepared with gift ideas. When buying the best Christmas presents for toddlers, you may notice they've already started writing their list, thanks to endless toy adverts on the television. That's all while you're writing a "send help!" sign, mind you. 

There are so many toys on the market, making a choice on what to buy for Christmas a lot harder. Is this toy within budget this year? Can I afford it? Is it age appropriate? Does it have any small parts that can be dangerous?  

Are you also thinking, my child does not need any more toys or junk. I am not saying don’t buy any toys, as toys are great! But do you feel that they are really overflowing with toys at the moment? And, do they actually play with them anymore?  

Family members want to buy fun presents which I totally get but unless you live with a toddler, you don’t realise that in most cases they would rather play with the box that it comes in than the toy itself! 

That’s when I realised there are lots of practical gifts for your little one like, furniture, books, clothes, art/craft supplies and everyday utensils. These are things that will get multiple uses and even grow with your child.  


Here are some great gift ideas: 


Potty- & Potty-Training Accessories 

If you are thinking about what to get your little one, consider what developmental milestones they will be hitting soon.  

Potty Training is one that is right around the corner so a Potty- My Carry Potty- or potty-training accessories would be very useful and actually serve a purpose.  

These are great ideas to leave under the Christmas tree from Father Christmas to give that extra encouragement to start in January.  


Eating Utensils 

Teaching your toddler to feed themselves is a must! There are lots of amazing brands out there to help with self-feeding.  

Nana’s Manners have some great cutlery sets and are great for your little ones fine motor skills.  


Educational Resources 

If you really want to buy a toy for your toddler or give family ideas, that’s great too, but make sure it’s something that will grow with them and something they will get plenty of use out of. 
I love learning toys that are multipurpose. Toys that offer several different ways to play with them and allow for more imaginative play (rather than toys that just do one thing and get boring fairly quickly). Here are some ideas: 

  • Mega Blocks 
  • Playdoh 
  • Puzzles 
  • Science experiment kits 
  • Make/Build your own…. 
  • Marble Run Super Set 
  • Scooter
  • Imaginary play  


Days out 

I think this is a great idea, why not try and find out from your little one if they want to go and create a special voucher for them to open on the day stating on where they are going.  

Some ideas are: 

  • Peppa Pig World 
  • Legoland 
  • See a show- Disney on Ice 
  • Local Farm that your little one has never been to before 



As I said before you may feel that your little one is just overflowing with toys at the moment but one last tip from me would be, to help your little ones to get rid of toys that they have not used or have just lying around is by telling your little one that it would be lovely for other boys and girls who are not as fortunate as you to have some lovely toys to open on Christmas. So, with your little one, go through their toys and see which ones they would like to give away to other children.  

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