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The Importance of Swimwear Colour for Child Safety and Visibility

Posted by Olli Smith

The safety of your little ones is our top priority, always. With summer approaching and families heading to pools and beaches, it's crucial to ensure that children are as visible as possible when in and around the water.

To better understand how swimwear colour impacts visibility and safety, we conducted a research study comparing different colours of swimwear in a swimming pool. The results were eye-opening and highlighted the importance of choosing the right swimwear for your child.

The Study: Method and Findings

Our study involved testing various colours of swimwear to determine which ones are most visible underwater. We tested the bright colours from our latest Kiddi swimwear range, including orange, green and pink, against less visible colours like pale blue, dark blue, and white.

The goal was to see how these colours perform under real-life conditions, including splashing and movement in the water.

Here are the detailed findings from our research:

Top Group: Kiddi Swimwear (Highly Visible)

  1. Orange (Clownfish): Clearly visible underwater, even with splashing and movement. The bright orange stands out vividly against the blue water, making it easy to spot.

  2. Green (Dinosaur): Highly noticeable, maintaining strong visibility even when submerged and agitated. The bright green provides a stark contrast against the water.

  3. Pink (Pink Dragon): Visible underwater, although slightly less vibrant than orange and green. Pink still offers a good level of visibility.

  4. Black with Orange and White detailing (Penguin): Maintains good visibility, especially in clear water, though it may blend slightly in darker waters. Orange and white features throughout the piece add strong contrasts for enhanced underwater visibility.

Bottom Group: Less Visible Swimwear

  1. Pale Blue: Almost invisible underwater, blending with the pool’s colour and making it difficult to spot a child.

  2. Dark Blue: Hard to detect, particularly in deeper water and when the water is disturbed by splashing.

  3. White: Surprisingly difficult to see underwater, especially when the water reflects the sky or pool surroundings.

  4. Red: Fairly good visibility, though it blends slightly in darker waters. Red is still a strong colour for underwater visibility.

What this means for Parents

Our findings strongly suggest that when selecting swimwear for children, parents should opt for bright and contrasting colours to ensure maximum visibility. Bright colours like orange, green, pink and red provide a stark contrast against the water, making it easier to keep an eye on your child and ensuring they can be quickly located in case of an emergency.

Why Kiddi Swimwear?

At Kiddi, we not only focus on cute charaters and popping colours but also incorporate essential safety features into our swimwear:

  • High-Neck Protection: Shields vulnerable and exposed areas from harmful UV rays.
  • UPF 50+ Fabric: Provides superior sun protection, ensuring your child’s skin is safe from sunburn.
  • Fun and Attractive Designs: Designed with toddlers in mind. Encourages children to wear the swimwear, making it easier for parents to keep them protected.
You can find our swim range here.

Choosing the right swimwear is more than just a matter of style; it’s a crucial safety decision. Our research highlights the importance of selecting bright, highly visible colours to enhance safety in the water. As you prepare for your summer holidays, remember that the right colour swimsuit can indeed save a life.

Please Share and Spread the Word - You Could Save a Life.

We encourage you to share these findings with your network to help raise awareness and keep all children safe this summer. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that our children enjoy a fun and safe swimming experience.

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