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How to Travel with My Carry Potty: Tips for On-the-Go Parents

Posted by Amanda Jenner

Summer is the perfect time for family adventures, whether you're heading to the beach, going camping, or hitting festivals.

As a parent, ensuring that potty training stays on track during travel can be an added challenge. Thankfully, My Carry Potty makes it stress-free for you and your child to continue the potty training journey no matter where you are.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to travel with My Carry Potty, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Why My Carry Potty is Perfect for Travel

My Carry Potty is designed to be portable, leakproof, and family-friendly, making it the ideal potty for travel. Its lightweight design and watertight lid-lock mechanism means you can take it anywhere without worrying about spills or odors. Plus, our cute designs help your child feel comfortable and excited about using their potty even when away from home.

Preparing for Your Trip

  1. Involve Your Child in Packing

    • Let your child help pack their My Carry Potty. This involvement can make them feel responsible and more willing to use it while travelling.
  2. Pack Essentials

    • Bring along all the potty training essentials:
      • Training pants
      • Wipes (lots of them!)
      • Spare clothes
      • Hand sanitiser gel
      • A plastic bag for used wipes and soiled clothes

Travelling by Car

  1. Accessible Placement

    • Keep My Carry Potty within easy reach. This ensures quick access during breaks or in case of sudden needs.
  2. Regular Breaks

    • Plan for regular potty breaks. Stopping every 1-2 hours can help maintain your child’s potty routine and prevent accidents.
  3. Portable Potty Area

    • Set up a comfortable potty area in your car or nearby outdoor space. Use My Carry Potty’s engaging design to make the experience fun.

Travelling by Plane

  1. Pre-Flight Preparation

    • Explain to your child about using the potty before boarding the plane. Familiarity with airport restrooms can also help.
  2. During the Flight

    • Pressure Release Tip: When taking My Carry Potty on a plane, ensure the latch is slightly open to avoid creating a vacuum with the leakproof seal due to high altitude. Make sure there are no contents inside to avoid any spills.
  3. In-Flight Routine

    • Encourage your child to use the airplane restroom but have My Carry Potty as a backup for emergencies.

Camping and Festivals

  1. Setting Up

    • Choose a convenient spot in your tent or camp area for My Carry Potty. The portable design ensures you can set it up anywhere with ease.
  2. Consistency

    • Keep to the same potty routine you have at home. This consistency helps your child adapt to the new environment without disrupting their potty training progress.
  3. Hygiene

    • Always clean My Carry Potty after each use. Having hand sanitiser and wipes on hand can help maintain hygiene.

Tips for Success

  1. Stay Positive and Encouraging

    • Travelling can be overwhelming for children. Stay positive and encourage your child with praise and small rewards for using the potty.
  2. Be Prepared for Accidents

    • Accidents may happen, especially in new and changing environments. Be prepared with spare clothes and remain patient.
  3. Interactive Potty Training

    • Use apps, songs, and videos to keep your child engaged and make potty training a fun part of the travel experience.


My Carry Potty is the potty that is literally designed for travel and outdoor use!

Travelling with My Carry Potty makes potty training on-the-go simple and stress-free. By preparing ahead, maintaining routines, and staying positive, you can ensure that your child continues their potty training journey smoothly during your summer adventures.

Whether you’re in the car, on a plane, camping, or at a festival, My Carry Potty is your reliable companion.

Enjoy your travels and happy potty training!

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