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How To: Potty Train When Out and About!

Posted by Amanda Jenner

Potty Training- Time to go outside!  

Once you have established your potty training routine at home for a few days and you’re ready to journey outside with your little one then it’s a great idea to venture out for a small trip to a local park or for a short walk to begin with.  

Make it a routine that you visit the toilet before you leave the house, and don't rush your little one.  

I recommend on taking your potty or trainer seat with you to remain consistent with potty training. This also really helps for your little one to feel much more confident using either their potty or training seat as this is what they have been training with at home so offers familiarity for them. 

Before you leave the house:  

  • Pack a spare pair of pants and bottoms just in case of any little accidents along with tissues or biodegradable wipes. 
  • Take some rewards with you to encourage your little one and remember to praise them too. 
  • Prompt them more than usual as often outside leads to distractions and they may forget to ask you to use the potty or toilet. 
  • Dress them in looser clothing, your little one may quickly alert you to needing the toilet so it helps with a swift transition to the potty or toilet!  

It’s important to not rush your little ones on their potty training journey and remember this next stage can take longer for them to get used to as they can feel shy or forget to ask to go to use the potty or toilet when out and about.  

We can’t keep them indoors, it’s vital to their potty training journey to embark on the next stage of being outdoors. 

Try not to avoid visiting people because you are potty training, interactions with others will help your little one feel a sense of normality. 

Never punish them for having accidents outside as this could lead to a fear of training outside, keep your language encouraging and uplifting! Remember it takes time for your little one’s bladder and brain to connect so you must be patient while they are grasping this next stage of potty training. 

If you’re little one does have an accident and becomes really upset, comfort them gently and explain to them ‘Accidents sometimes happen, so let's try and get your wee/poo in the potty next time’. 

You will need lots of patience, spare pants, celebrations of their wee and poo achievements and before long you little one will master this new stage of their potty training journey!  

I believe in you!  

Good Luck 

AJ xxx 

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