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Ditch the nappies & start potty training!

Posted by Amanda Jenner

Why ditch the nappies?

After lots of research by UK’s Toilet Training Expert Amanda Jenner, she found that the average toddler by 3.5 years old will have used 5,500 nappies, which costs £1400 or £33.40 per month. Every day we throw away 8 million nappies a day. That’s a massive 3 Billion nappies thrown into the UK landfills every year!!

Due to a high number of children attending school at the age of 4 wearing nappies underneath their school uniform causing major problems to children’s school life and also a huge increase in our landfills. Potty Training Academy aimed to reduce this by creating a consistent training pack to be used in childcare settings as well as at home. 1 year later we are now in over 85 nursery schools in the UK and are being contacted worldwide. Potty Training Academy has made a huge difference to both parents and nursery settings but most of all giving confidence to the toddler on this big milestone. We have done toilet training workshops around the UK, on-line LIVE Facebook chats reaching over 100k and received thousands of emails since we have launched. We believe that by 2019 we would have reached up to 1000 nursery schools and make a difference to the planet and our children’s future.

What are we doing to help?

Introducing a consistent Toilet Training Program which is 100% successful in child care settings and also in the home. Encouraging Parents and Childcare settings to work together, which has happened in over 95% of the nurseries we are already working with. Reduce nappy waste within the settings we are already in, which also has happened in over 95% of the nurseries. To make parents and childcare settings aware of the risks of children, not toilet trained when starting school and what this can lead to. Saving money as a setting or family with regards to how much they are spending on nappies each month and how this can be reduced. Saving the environment especially our landfills as 8 Million are being thrown onto our landfills every day which leads to 3 Billion a year!

What are the results? 

We are now in over 85 nurseries throughout the UK and this is still growing. We are in contact with large Nursery Chains who are very much interested in joining the Academy as they want to reduce the nappies within their settings and get the average age of children toilet trained lower.100’s of children are successfully toilet trained within settings and their home environment leaving their settings and ready to start school out of nappies/pull-ups.  With this program, we have seen an increase willing to start toilet training slightly earlier as they feel by using this system they can confidently combat this tricky milestone.

We won’t just stop there we will continue to make awareness about this and reduce the high number of children starting school in nappies and also the number of nappies going onto our landfills.

Check out this interesting Ted x Talk on why we need to change disposable nappies. 

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