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How to Create a Positive Potty Training Environment

Posted by Amanda Jenner

Potty training is a crucial milestone in a toddler's life. The key to successful potty training lies in creating a positive and effective environment that encourages and supports your child's transition from nappies to the potty. Here’s a comprehensive guide to setting up an environment that makes potty training a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Getting Ready for Potty Training

Before diving into the actual process, ensure you’re well-prepared:

  1. Choose the Right Potty

    • My Carry Potty: Start off on the right foot with the best potty out there, the My Carry Potty! Our My Carry Potty range is leak-proof and designed to be fun and engaging for children, with vibrant designs like Bumblebee, Ladybird, and Dinosaur.
  2. Gather Essential Supplies

    • Training Pants or Nappies: Use training pants to help your child transition smoothly. They are less bulky than nappies and more absorbent than regular underwear.
    • Cleaning Supplies: Keep wipes and disinfectant on hand for quick and easy clean-ups.
    • Rewards: Small treats, stickers, or a reward chart can motivate your child and make potty training more fun.
  3. Educational Tools

    • Books, Flashcards and Videos: Introduce potty training with engaging books, flashcards and videos that explain the process in a child-friendly manner.
    • Songs and Games: Make use of potty training songs and interactive games to make the learning process enjoyable.

Setting Up the Potty Training Environment

  1. Create a Dedicated Potty Area

    • Convenience and Comfort: Place the potty in a convenient location where your child spends most of their time.
    • Personalisation: Let your child decorate their potty area with stickers and drawings to make it their own.
  2. Establish a Routine

    • Morning Routine: Start the day by taking your child to the potty as soon as they wake up.
    • Regular Reminders: Set a timer to remind your child to use the potty every 30-45 minutes.
    • Before and After Naps: Encourage your child to use the potty before and after naps to establish a routine.
  3. Positive Reinforcement

    • Praise and Rewards: Celebrate small victories with praise and rewards to encourage consistent use.
    • Stay Calm: Accidents are part of the learning process. Stay calm and reassure your child that it’s okay.

Transitioning to Toilet Training

Once your child has mastered the potty, the next step is transitioning to toilet training. Here’s how to set up a toilet training environment:

  1. Toilet Training Seat with Handles

    • Comfort and Security: Use a toilet training seat with handles to provide stability and comfort.
    • My Carry Potty Training Seat: Our training seats are designed for easy transition with secure handles, non-slip grip and a comfortable seat.Natural My Little Step Stool - My Carry Potty®
  2. Step Stool for Easy Access

    • Accessibility: A step stool helps your child reach the toilet comfortably and promotes proper posture.
    • My Carry Potty Step Stool: Our step stools are sturdy and the perfect height for toddlers.
    Dinosaur My Little Step Stool - My Carry Potty®
    • Maintain Consistency

      • Routine: Continue with the established potty training routine to ensure a smooth transition.
      • Encouragement: Encourage your child to use the toilet independently and celebrate their progress.

    Creating a positive and effective potty training environment is crucial for your child’s success. By being well-prepared, maintaining a routine, and using positive reinforcement, you can make this milestone a positive and rewarding experience for both you and your child.

    Happy Potty Training!


    To summarise, here are the Potty Training Essentials:

    • Books + Flashcards: Use engaging books and flashcards to educate your child about potty training.
    • Training Chart: Keep track of progress with a potty training chart.
    • Small Treats: Offer small treats as rewards for using the potty.
    • Training Seat: A secure training seat makes transitioning to the toilet easier, more comfortable and safer.
    • Step Stool: A step stool provides easy access to the toilet and the sink.
    • Carry Potty: My Carry Potty is perfect for travel and home use.
    • Distractions/Toys: Keep small toys handy to keep your child entertained.


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