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15 essential potty training tips for your little one

Posted by Amanda Jenner

  1. Choose your timing wisely.
  2. Start any time of the year.
  3. Don’t compare your child to any other – we are all different.
  4. Let them choose their own potty/toilet trainer seat.
  5. Let your toddler set the space.
  6. Keep to a routine as much as possible.
  7. Let the nursery school and family know you are potty training. Remember to advise them of your methods so you can work together consistently.
  8. Use a reward chart with some special stickers, and a reward box for extra encouragement.
  9. Give an abundance of praise. 
  10. Get them to carry their potty with them everywhere, this gives your child a sense of security.
  11. Be organised – if you are going out, take spare clothes and pants with you.
  12. Dress them in loose clothing so they act quickly when they need to go.
  13. Reduce liquids 30 minutes before bedtime. 
  14. Don’t revert back to nappies unless there are special circumstances.
  15. Patience pays, don’t give up!

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