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Potty vs Toilet Trainer Seat

Posted by Amanda Jenner

The common questions that parents wonder is- Which one does my toddler use first... potty or potty seat? 

Parents often ask whether they should use a potty or a toilet trainer seat/potty seat when potty training their toddler.


I have found that most toddlers gravitate towards a potty to begin with as it is smaller and closer to the ground, which makes it easier for them to use and is less intimidating than climbing up on to a big toilet. A potty is also quicker for your toddler to access if they are in a hurry to go, plus it is easier to take a potty with you when you are out and about.   



Trainer Seats/Potty Seats are generally used when your toddler is ready to progress from the potty to the toilet. They are very useful in helping to alleviate the fear your toddler may have of falling into the big toilet by creating a smaller open area and making them feel secure. Trainer Seats/Potty Seats can be used for as long as it takes for your toddler to be ready to transition to the big toilet and toddlers generally use them without any fuss.  

If budget allows, it’s always helpful to have both a potty and a trainer seat/ potty seat to hand. Try choosing a seat that matches you child’s potty in colour or design as this keeps the training consistent and will help make the transition to the toilet smoother.  

My Carry Potty has you covered with the matching portable potty, potty seat and step stool and is perfect to transition from potty to toilet.  

Amanda xx

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