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Potty Training Boys Vs Potty Training Girls

Posted by Amanda Jenner

There is no major difference when potty training boys versus potty training girls.

Boys are harder to potty train than girls

This is a myth that I often hear, but it’s definitely just a myth!

I have potty trained a great many boys and girls and have experienced equally successful results between both. The only different is some parents like boys to potty train standing which can cause a slight delay because this does take practice.

 I always potty train boys to sit while they are weeing as, initially, they do not have much control when standing and it can make them very distressed when they wee everywhere. Potty training boys by sitting tends to empty their bladder a lot more when sitting. Asking a boy to stand while weeing is just another thing for them to think about during their early stages of potty training as they have to hold their penis and aim in the correct place. You will find that potty training boys standing will come in time as they get a little bit older, though maybe not for some. It is also good for boys to sit as they must do this when they poo, so it helps with consistency during potty training.


Potty training girls is important to show how to wipe after they have been for a wee from front to back to avoid infections. You can assist at the beginning guiding her hand, but gradually let her do this independently, but try to avoid her over wiping as this may cause her to be sore down below. Be warned little girls tend to love using lots of toilets roll for this.

For boys you can use a tissue to dab the end of their penis or teach them to shake when they start to stand to do a wee.

Obviously, all little ones learn at a different paces and gender isn’t a factor its just when they are ready.

Amanda x


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