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When should I transition my toddler from nappies? Your Potty Training Q's Answered

Posted by Amanda Jenner

Deciding when to transition your toddler from nappies to the potty is a pivotal moment in both your lives, marking a significant step towards independence. Understanding the readiness signs and preparing for this change are crucial for a smooth and easier transition.

Look Out for Signs of Readiness
Every child develops in their own time and shows readiness for potty training at their own pace, but there are common signs you can look out for. These include staying dry for longer periods, communicating the need to go and hiding when feeling the urge to go. Recognising these signs is the first step in knowing your child is ready to begin their potty training journey.

Age Considerations
While there's a broad age range for when children might be ready to start potty training, typically toddlers are ready between 18 months and 3 years, it's essential to remember that each child is unique. Age is just one factor to consider; readiness cues are a more reliable indicator of whether your child is prepared to start potty training.

Preparing Your Child
Preparation is key. Start by introducing your child to the concept of using a potty. You can do this through storybooks about potty training (check ours out here), videos, or letting them choose their own potty. Allowing your little one to choose their own potty will give them a sense of control and independence, not to mention they may feel a stronger bond to their potty if it's one they chose themselves. Such activities can make the idea of transitioning from nappies more exciting and less daunting for your child.

Creating a Positive Environment
The environment in which you choose to start potty training should be supportive and stress-free. Encourage and praise your child for their efforts, even if there are a few setbacks. A positive approach will make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful for both of you. Making sure the training environment is relaxing, peaceful and safe will aid in ensuring your child feels comfortable when using the potty.

The right time to transition from nappies varies from one child to another. Patience and attentiveness to your child's readiness signs are vital. Remember, potty training is not just about leaving nappies behind; it's about supporting your child through this significant developmental milestone with love, understanding, and encouragement.

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