Language to use when potty training

Posted by Amanda Jenner

It's key to remember to use simple but effective language when rewarding and praising your little trainer! 

  • "Well done. You have done a wee/poo - this makes me so happy".
  • "You're such a big boy/girl".

It is important to try your very best not to get cross when your child has an accident! I can be easy to get impatient and angry in those situations however, you must try your hardest not to show these emotions - so take yourself away for a moment, take a few deep breaths and then go back and sort the situation. Below is an example of the type of language to use when your little one has an accident:

  • "I feel so sad you did this. Where does your poo/wee go?".

Children relate better to expression than raised voices, and is important that they don't associate potty training with anger as this could lead to a fear of potty training. Always try your best to have a softer approach by showing emotions on your face as opposed to shouting and getting angry. 

Toddlers like to please, so if they see a happy face they will react well as they can see you are pleased with what they are doing. Sad faces show disappointment which is a gentle way of showing your toddle what they did was wrong. 



Some toddlers can get distressed and feel upset and frustrated when they have had an accident. If your child seems upset, comfort them and just gently explain that "Accidents sometimes happen, so let's try and get the wee/poo in the potty/toilet next time'. 


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