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Hop Into Potty Training: A Guide for Starting Over the Easter Holidays

Posted by Amanda Jenner

The Easter holidays present a golden opportunity for families looking to start their potty training journey. With the added flexibility of having more time at home together, parents can use this period to lay the groundwork for successful potty training. Here’s how you can make the most of the Easter break to embark on this developmental milestone with your little one.

Why Easter Is the Perfect Time to Start

The Easter holidays typically offer a break from the usual hustle and bustle of daily life, providing a more relaxed environment for both parents and children. This slower pace is ideal for smoothly introducing new routines, like potty training, where patience and time are of the essence. Plus, the warmer weather approaching makes it easier for little ones to wear looser and more accessible clothing, simplifying the dress-down process.

 1. Create an Easter-Themed Potty Training Kit

Make potty training exciting by assembling an Easter-themed kit. Include a new potty or toilet seat, fun potty training pants, and perhaps even a book about potty training. The novelty and themed approach can help engage your child’s interest and make the potty training experience feel like a special holiday activity.

 2. Establish a Routine

Utilise the holidays to establish a consistent potty routine without the interruptions of school or nursery. Regular reminders to use the potty can help your child recognise the signs of needing to go, embedding these habits for when life gets busier again.

 3. Use Easter Rewards

Incorporate the holiday spirit into your reward system. Easter eggs or bunny stickers can be great incentives for successful potty trips. Creating an Easter reward chart with bunny tracks leading to a small basket of treats can offer a visual and motivational aid for your little one.

 4. Dress for Success

With the warmer weather, dress your child in clothes that are easy to take on and off. This not only helps with quick potty trips but also reduces the mess in case of accidents. Potty training pants are also an essential in ensuring consistent messaging throughout the training process.

 5. Engage in Thematic Activities

Use Easter activities as teachable moments for potty training. For instance, "hiding" the potty with a clue leading to its discovery can make using it an exciting treasure hunt. Reading stories about Easter bunnies who also use the potty can reinforce the behaviour you want to encourage.

 6. Plan for Outings

If your Easter plans include outings or visits to family, prepare by bringing a portable My Carry Potty along. This consistency will help your child feel secure in continuing their potty training journey even when away from home.

 7. Stay Positive and Patient

Above all, keep the atmosphere light, positive, and stress-free. Celebrate the small victories and remain patient through the accidents. The Easter holidays are a time for joy and new beginnings, making them the perfect backdrop for this significant step in your child's growth.

Starting potty training over the Easter holidays can be a fun and memorable experience for you and your child. By incorporating the festive spirit into the process, you can create a positive, engaging, and effective potty training routine. Remember, every child is different, so follow their lead and enjoy the journey.

Happy Easter, and happy potty training!

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