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Fun and Inexpensive Things to Do with Your Child in Summer

Posted by Amanda Jenner

Summer is the perfect time to create cherished memories with your little one without breaking the bank. It's important to enjoy quality time together, which is great for both mind and body.

Recent years have meant tighter purse strings for many of us; so we've compiled a list of fun and inexpensive activities you can enjoy with your child.

1. Outdoor Adventures

Nature Walks and Hikes: Explore local parks and nature reserves. Bring a magnifying glass, binoculars and notebook for a mini adventure in bug and plant identification.

Picnics: Pack a simple lunch and head to your local park. Bring a frisbee, ball or playing cards for added fun.

2. Creative Crafts

DIY Crafts: Use household items to create fun crafts. Try making summer-themed decorations or simple bird feeders.

Pavement Chalk Art: Let your child’s imagination run wild with pavement chalk. Create games like hopscotch, Mr Wolf or just enjoy drawing together.

3. Water Fun

Sprinkler Play: Always a favourite! Set up a sprinkler in the garden for a refreshing and fun way to beat the heat.

Bathtub Splashabout: If you live in a flat, create a mini water play area in the bathtub with sponges, cups, and floating toys.

Water Balloons: Have a water balloon fight or set up targets for a fun and active game.

4. Educational Activities

Library Visits: Take advantage of free library programs and borrow books for summer reading.

Science Experiments: Conduct simple science experiments at home using kitchen supplies, like making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar.

Counting and Sorting Games: Use natural materials like leaves and rocks for counting and sorting activities.

5. Community Events

Open Markets: Visit local markets and car-boot sales to teach your child about the world of buying, selling and selling old possessions.

Free Concerts and Festivals: Check your local community calendar for free events like outdoor concerts, fayres or festivals.

Story Time: Many local bookstores and libraries offer free story times.

6. Indoor Camping

Den/Tent Making: Set up a tent or a makeshift fort in your living room, or garden, and enjoy a night of 'camping'. Tell stories, make popcorn in the microwave, and enjoy the experience of camping without leaving home.

Star Gazing: Use a star map app to identify constellations and teach your child about astronomy from your balcony, windowsill or garden. The darker the viewing place, the better your view of the stars. Pay attention to asteroid showers throughout Summer, you might spot a shooting star!

7. Gardening Together

Windowsill Garden: Start a small garden with easy-to-grow plants like herbs, cress or flowers in pots on your windowsill. It's a great way to teach responsibility and enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of your hard work.

Fairy Garden: Create a tiny fairy garden using small plants, pebbles, and miniature decorations on a tray or in a pot.

Summer doesn’t have to be expensive to be fun and memorable. With a little creativity and planning, you can enjoy a variety of activities that will keep your child entertained and happy, whether you have outdoor space or live in a flat.

Enjoy the season and make the most of these precious moments!

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