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10 Essential Products You Need When Potty Training

Posted by Amanda Jenner

Embarking on the potty training journey can be an exciting but challenging time for both parents and toddlers. To set yourself up for success, having the right tools and products can make all the difference. In this blog post, we'll explore 10 essential products that will help you navigate the potty training process with confidence. From potties to training pants, we've got you covered.


  • Potty: A comfortable and child-friendly potty chair is a must-have for successful potty training. We recommend letting your little one be apart of choosing this! This helps them adopt it as their own possession and look forward to using it!


  • Step Stool: A sturdy step stool is essential to help your child reach the toilet or sink independently. It promotes independence and reduces the risk of accidents. Make sure it has grip to make sure it doesn't slip. At My Carry Potty, we have our My Little Step Stool to match your potty to keep potty training consistent.


  • Training Pants: Training pants provide an excellent transition from diapers to underwear. Look for pants that are absorbent, comfortable, and are similar to regular big boy/girl pants - this helps avoid the confusion between nappies and pants which often occurs when using pull-ups.


  • Potty Training Seat: A potty training seat that fits securely on your toilet seat is convenient for encouraging your child to use the adult-sized toilet. It helps them feel confident and prepares them for the transition to independent toileting. Our My Little Trainer Seat has non-slip grip and handles to help your little one feel secure on the big toilet! These are also great for some toddlers who prefer to copy mummy and daddy and use the toilet instead of a potty - but we always recommend having both on hand!

  • Flushable Wipes: Flushable wipes are gentle on your child's skin and make cleaning up after accidents easier. Look for wipes specifically designed for potty training, which are biodegradable and safe for flushing.


  • Potty Training Books: Engaging and informative potty training books can be a valuable tool in teaching your child about the process. Look for books that use simple language, colourful illustrations, and relatable characters.

  • Reward Chart: A reward chart can motivate your child and track their progress throughout the potty training journey. Include stickers or other rewards to celebrate their achievements and encourage continued success. Make sure to check our our My Potty Training Pack which includes all you need to set up your at-home reward system!


  • Waterproof Mattress Protector: Accidents during the night are common during potty training. A waterproof mattress protector provides a layer of protection for your child's bed and makes clean-up a breeze.


  • Rewards: Our potty training expert, Amanda Jenner, recommends wrapping small prizes, and sticking either a poo or a wee emoji on the front! This way they can visually see what prize they will get if they use the potty! If they do a poo - they get a poo prize, if they do a wee - they get a wee prize! Keep the stickers for times where they tried and gave it a go but didn't wee/poo in the potty!


  • Distraction Box: A distraction box is the key too keeping your little one on the potty/toilet for a little longer! We recommend a small box filled with fidget toys, potty training books and bubbles! 

    PRO TIP: Did you know blowing bubbles actually help your little ones relax their bowels and bladder? Why not let them have a go at blowing some next time they sit on the potty/toilet! 

    Equipping yourself with the right potty training products can significantly ease the journey for both you and your child. From potty chairs and training pants to travel potties and reward charts, these 10 essential products will support your child's progress and foster independence. Remember, every child is unique, so find the products that work best for your family's needs and embrace the exciting adventure of potty training!

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