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Preparing Your Toddler for Their First Day of School!

Posted by Amanda Jenner

The first day of school is a significant milestone for both toddlers and parents. As September approaches, you may feel a mix of excitement and apprehension about this big change. To ensure a smooth transition and help your child embrace this new chapter with confidence, we have compiled essential tips to prepare your little one for their exciting journey into the world of education.

Start the Toilet Training Process: To set your child up for success at school, ensure they can go to the toilet independently. Begin the toilet training process at least three months before school starts. Look for signs of readiness, such as stopping in their tracks when they need to use the bathroom or having longer dry spells in their nappies. Provide them with everything they need, including a potty or toilet seat, big girl/boy pants, and handwash. Communicate the routine to all caregivers to ensure consistent support.

Focus on Hygiene: Teaching your child good hygiene practices is crucial, especially in a school environment where germs can spread quickly. Encourage them to wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet and before meals. Take the time to show them the correct way to wash hands, including between fingers, and ensure they can wipe themselves properly and flush the toilet independently.

Foster Independence in Dressing: Boost your child's confidence by teaching them to dress and undress themselves. Practice putting on their school uniform together, making sure they can fasten buttons, zips, and Velcro. Celebrate their accomplishments, like putting on socks and shoes correctly, as these skills will be essential when they start school.

Involve Them in Packing Snacks/Lunch Boxes: Include your child in preparing their lunch boxes to make them feel grown-up and excited about school meals. Opt for nutritious and balanced options like fruits, vegetable crudités, yoghurt, and pasta. This involvement will encourage healthy eating habits and make lunchtime enjoyable for your little one.


Familiarise Your Child with School: Keep reminding your child about their big day at school. Mention their teacher's name in conversations and show them the journey to school to familiarise them with the route. Engage in activities at home, such as reading books about school and drawing pictures of the school and teacher. This will help ease any anxieties and make the transition smoother.

Prepare for Accidents: Accidents can happen, especially in a new environment. Assure your child that it's okay to ask the teacher for help when needed. Make sure they know where the toilets are at school and that they can approach the teacher for bathroom breaks. Consider packing spare clothes in their bag during the initial weeks to alleviate any worries about accidents.


With these valuable tips, you can prepare your toddler for their first day of school with confidence and excitement. Toilet training, emphasising hygiene, fostering independence, involving them in packing snacks, familiarising them with school, and preparing for potential accidents will ensure a positive and memorable start to their educational journey. Cherish the weekends and celebrate their first week at school together, knowing that you have set them up for a successful and happy school experience.

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