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Overcoming Potty Training Regression During Holidays

Posted by Amanda Jenner

Holidays are a time of memory-making, excitement, and change in routine, which can sometimes lead to potty training regression for toddlers. This is a common issue faced by many parents, but with the right strategies, you can help your child stay on track even during the busy holiday season.

Understanding Potty Training Regression
Potty training regression occurs when a child who has been successfully using the potty starts having accidents or resists using the toilet. This can be triggered by various factors such as changes in routine, travel stress, or the excitement of new environments.

Tips to Overcome Regression
1. Maintain Consistency:
Routine: Try to keep your child’s potty schedule consistent, even while on holiday. Fortunately, you can take your My Carry Potty anywhere with you, even on a plane! This portability means that you can maintain familiarity and consistency for your little one wherever you are.
Reminders: Regularly remind your child to use the potty, especially after meals or long periods of activity.

2. Stay Positive:
Encouragement: Use positive reinforcement and language, and praise your child for their efforts, even if accidents happen.
Patience: Stay calm and patient, understanding that regression is a temporary and very common phase.

3. Prepare for Travel:
Comfort Items: Bring along their favourite toys or books to make your child feel more comfortable and secure.
Portable Travel Potty: Having a familiar and friendly potty, like our cute character designs, can reduce anxiety and make it easier for your child to continue their training.

4. Create a Reward System:
Stickers and Charts: Use a reward system such as stickers or a chart to motivate your child and make potty training fun.
Small Rewards: Offer small rewards for successful potty use to encourage progress.

5. Address Anxiety:
Talk About It: Discuss any fears or anxieties your child may have about using the potty in a new environment.
Reassurance: Provide plenty of reassurance and comfort to help them feel secure. You could even read them a story, sing them a song or try other distraction techniques.

Dealing with Accidents
Accidents are a normal part of the process, especially during the holidays. Here’s how to handle them:
Stay Calm: React calmly and avoid showing frustration or disappointment.
Clean Up Together: Involve your child in the cleanup process to teach responsibility.
Reassure: Remind your child that accidents are okay and that they’re doing a great job.

Potty training regression during the holidays can be challenging, but with consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement, you can help your child navigate this period successfully. Remember, every child is different, and it’s essential to tailor your approach to their needs and progress.

By maintaining a consistent routine, staying positive, and preparing ahead of time, you can make potty training a smoother experience for both you and your child during the vacation season.

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