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Amanda's Guided To The First Few Weeks of School!

Posted by Amanda Jenner

Back to school time can be difficult for the whole family, as you all adjust back to the day to day routine. Bedtime routines may have relaxed during the holidays, so the combination of overtired, anxious children, adjusting back to a schedule, can be stressful on any household. So if you’re child is starting school for the first time, or they are just returning to a new school year, here are some of my tips to help over the first few weeks of school.  


Secret Signal 

It’s likely that your child will be a bit scared, but too nervous to say it. Invent a secret signal with your child – like pinching their little finger or squeezing their hand three times – which means ‘I love you’. It’s a special and private thing that will reassure them as you let them go, whilst also avoiding any embarrassment. 

Tears at drop-off time 

Make sure to reassure your little one know that you are coming back soon! It is also a good idea to let your little one go into the classroom on their own and not go in with them, making it easier for them to leave you. 

Toilet Accidents 

Remind them that it's okay to ask the teacher when they need to go to the toilet - if they persist, speak with the teacher so they can talk to your little one too! 

Don't overfill lunchboxes 

Give smaller potions/cut foods into smaller pieces and your little one will find it more appealing. Take foods out of wrappers for them as they don't have a lot of time to eat. 


Meeting new Parents 

Meet and chat to at least one ‘new’ parent. You’ll have a lot in common over the next eight years – and it’ll be very valuable to have an ally who’s going through the same process as you. 


Empty their school bag 

Empty the child’s bag everyday – especially in the first few days, where notes and envelopes may be sent home. 


Rest time 

Your little one will probably be exhausted after their first day, so a nap after collection isn’t a bad idea at all. Make time for this in your own schedule and plan this with any childminders, etc. 


Don’t worry, tears are totally normal. They aren’t upset with you, and you’re not a ‘bad’ parent for walking away. 

Enjoy the morning and don’t cry until you’re in the car/bus on the way home. Easier said than done! We’ll do all we can to help, and we know that nothing will ever replace your love and devotion to your little one – we’re just here to help them get on their way to great things. 


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